Consultancy - Jessica den Outer


I want to inspire people through my talks, guest lectures and workshops in understanding the current paradigm we live in and how we can change it. The law can be used as a transformative tool. And of course, I want to inspire people to have a different outlook on the rest of Nature.

I design custom made talks, speeches, guest lectures and workshops for specific audiences. As a UN expert on Earth-centered law, I have extensive knowledge of many different and inspiring examples on the Rights of Nature. I will take you on a journey in which we discuss the Rights of Nature around the world, from the Amazone jungle in Colombia to the sacred rivers in Bangladesh to the mission we are on in the Netherlands for river de Maas. In recent years I have given many keynotes and lectures at universities, conferences, festivals, for government organisations and for companies.

I also talk about youth participation, mobilisation and other environmental topics. For example, I give workshops on how to become an activist and lead bottom-up movements for youth.

You can book me through De Spreker, SpeakOut and ZijSpreekt but you can also book me personally: