I am a consultant, researcher and speaker on the Rights of Nature. My expertise on the Rights of Nature has been recognised by the United Nations Harmony with Nature Network, which I am a part of as an Earth-centered Law Expert.

As a consultant, I focus on various topics, ranging from setting up projects and campaigns for NGOs to research into the implementation of Rights of Nature in national jurisdictions. Find out what consultancy I can offer.

My personal mission with Rights of Nature is to inspire people. Hence a large part of my work focuses on (developing) education and giving guest lectures and workshops. Find out what I can offer as a speaker.

What people say about me

Jan van de Venis

Jan van de Venis

Human rights lawyer

”It is a real pleasure to work with Jessica. She is a true professional, driven for the cause and great in advocacy work. At the same time her consultancy work is of high, senior, quality. Her social skills are much appreciated by both professional clients and activists.”

Robyn Troost

Robyn Troost


”I got to know Jessica as a very passionate, open and warm person. Working with Jessica is very nice; she is flexible and a clear communicator. For an event by Milieudefensie she gave a wonderful lecture about the rights of Nature. A powerful and engaging story! Jessica knows how to inspire and activate people with her knowledge and pleasant appearance”

Hana Begovic

Hana Begovic

Director Earth Advocacy Youth

''Jessica, our jurist at Earth Advocacy Youth, is a source of greatness and inspiration to me. Jessica is skilled, dedicated, intelligent and solutions-oriented. She is a true leader and an excellent collaborator, and I’m proud to be working with her.''


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Panellid Landschapstriënnale 2021

Energietuinen Nederland verzorgt samen met het GroenOntwikkelfonds Brabant een Webinar over “Samen werken voor energie en biodiversiteit” op vrijdag 16 april van 11.00-12.30 uur tijdens de Landschapstriënnale. Natuur en Milieufederaties: ”Recent onderzoek van Wageningen University & Research laat zien Read more…

Jessica den Outer

You can contact me for:

advice on (the implementation of) the Rights of Nature;
talks or workshops on the Rights of Nature;
collaborations on the development of education, research projects, articles, books.

Feel free to contact me for any other enquiries.

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