I am a consultant, researcher and speaker on the Rights of Nature. My expertise on the Rights of Nature has been recognised by the United Nations Harmony with Nature Network, which I am a part of as an Earth-centered Law Expert.

As a consultant, I focus on various topics, ranging from setting up projects and campaigns for NGOs to research into the implementation of Rights of Nature in national jurisdictions. Find out what consultancy I can offer.

My personal mission with Rights of Nature is to inspire people. Hence a large part of my work focuses on (developing) education and giving guest lectures and workshops. Find out what I can offer as a speaker.

Who am I?

My love for Nature and interest in law inspired me to pursue a Master degree in international environmental law. When it was time to start writing my Master thesis, I wanted to write about something unique. When I stumbled upon the Rights of Nature movement, I was intrigued by the idea of Nature having rights. Fast forward to 2021, I have made it my life mission to further advance this unique approach which is not just a legal concept, but goes much further than that. It inspires us to look at Nature differently – in order to confront current global challenges, I believe a change in paradigm is fundamental. If we want to achieve true sustainability, we must design a life truly in Harmony with Nature.


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Jessica den Outer

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advice on (the implementation of) the Rights of Nature;
talks or workshops on the Rights of Nature;
collaborations on the development of education, research projects, articles, books.

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