Consultancy - Jessica den Outer


As a consultant I offer advice and support on strategies, campaigns and project management. I have helped to develop several projects and campaigns for nonprofits and other organisations on the Rights of Nature, Ecocide, youth participation, mobilisation and other (environmental) topics. For example, I was hired for a year by CAN Europe to develop a youth engagement and mobilisation strategy for the SPARK (EC-DEAR funded) project. With CAN I coordinated all the work related to youth and mobilisers.

A really big part of my mission is education to provide current generations with all the knowledge and tools they need to advocate for a greener future. I am involved in multiple educational projects. I develop curriculums, teach guest lectures to students and act as a case broker for research projects. For example, I helped develop the first traineeship on the Rights of Nature in NL, ‘Maak de Maas de Baas’ (IVN), and I have been acting as a case broker for the module ‘environmental justice’ of the Wageningen University for the past two years.

Research is an integral part of what I do and I write reports, recommendations and advice on various issues. For example, I have written recommendations to the Irish Citizens Assembly on Biodiversity Loss on the Rights of Nature and I help write the yearly UN Harmony with Nature reports for the General Assembly.

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