Jessica den Outer

About me

From an early age on I have had a huge love for everything that flies, crawls and swims on this earth. You can often find me in the woods. As a little girl, my grandfather introduced me to all the insects that could be found in my garden. That's where my love and passion for nature began.

Since my teenage years I have been very interested in law. My sense of justice led me to law school.

I have a Bachelor degree in International & European Law (Avg. CL, THUAS, 2017) and a Master in International Environmental Law (Merits, UoN, 2018) and work as an independent consultant, writer and speaker. I have been involved in the Rights for Nature movement since 2017. In 2019, I was recognized as one of the youngest experts in this field by the United Nations Harmony with Nature network. I like to make a practical difference. For example, I am one of the initiators of the Maas in de Wet project, which argues for the legal personality of the river Maas. Together with colleagues, I set up Earth Advocacy Youth and the Rights of Nature Consultants. I would describe myself as passionate, organised and goal-oriented.

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