I have extensive experience in giving talks, workshops and guest lectures on the rights of Nature and other environmental (law) topics.

‘’If companies can have legal rights, why not Nature?’’

I want to inspire people to see the law as a transformative tool. Current challenges such as climate change show us that we need to change our way of thinking and governance systems. Rights of Nature enables a paradigm shift in transforming the position of Nature as a lawless ‘object’ in law to a ‘subject’ with rights. You would think twice before you pollute a river that can sue you, right?

Rights of Nature is more than a legal concept. It aims to transform society into one that lives in Harmony with Nature and helps us rediscover our relationship with the natural world. As a UN expert on Earth-centered law, I have extensive knowledge of many different and inspiring examples on the rights of Nature.

I will take you on a journey in which we discuss the rights of Nature across the world, from the deep jungle in Colombia to the sacred rivers in Bangladesh to the mission we are on in the Netherlands for river de Maas.

Examples of previous clients:

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