I help organisations to implement the principles and theory of the rights of Nature as a contemporary and renewing approach. The rights of Nature is a legal concept, but does not have to be legally binding in your management policies. Nature deserves a voice and seat in decisions that may affect her wellbeing. I provide custom advice to your organisation. I also help develop projects/campaigns for NGOs and other organisations on Nature/the rights of Nature.


I have researched the correlation between the rights of Nature and other topical themes, such as the SDGs framework and climate change litigation. I am a thorough researcher and enjoy getting to the depth of a topic and making up reports. Feel free to reach out with any proposals for research, articles and books you may have.

Contribution to the book ‘Jongeren. Klimaat. NU


My personal mission with the rights of Nature is to inspire people. Hence, I am currently involved in multiple educational projects and I teach guest lectures about the rights of Nature. One of my most exciting projects has been the development of traineeship ‘Maak de Maas de Baas’ (IVN) in which students set up projects on the rights for river de Maas in the Netherlands.

Examples of previous clients:

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