I will be on the panel of guest speakers in the webinar ‘’Law and Climate Action’’ from the Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) with dear colleague and friend Hana Begovic, Anne Friel (ClientEarth) and Hendrik Schoukens.

We will address the role of the international environmental law in climate action and focus on the Aarhus Regulation, and the amendments that will soon be made in the EU. Hana and I will bring forth the exciting perspectives of the rights of nature and youth-led advocacy on Earth Jurisprudence as powerful tools for systemic change ⚖️🌿

When? Thursday 18 Feb 2021 at 17.30 CET, on Zoom.
Watch it back here: https://fb.watch/3N5T7P7lF1/

Highlights from the webinar: https://yeenet.eu/highlights-from-the-law-and-climate-action-webinar-lights-on-aarhus/

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