I facilitated a workshop during the ‘Up Your SDG Game’ event organised by the Young Impactmakers Community and the SDG House in Amsterdam.

What SDG drives you? How can you work towards the SDG’s with your knowledge and skills? During this event participations became more familiar with the SDG’s, discovered what SDG drives them and co-developed a toolkit to help achieve them.

Set by the UN, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are intended to be achieved in 2030. Leaving us 10 more years it means it is time to up our SDG game. Interactive workshops were organised, ranging from meaningful collaborations, innovation, leadership, measuring impact and activism.

My workshop focused on positive activism and creating a toolkit on how to set up a (youth) movement. In particular, we explored the basics of 1) what change do you want to see? 2) strategy to achieve your mission 3) messaging to get your story across and 4) the power of the collective (youth).

Interested in my work as a (youth) facilitator? Send me a message. (and as for the photo below: it may seem like I am telling scary stories in the dark… ;-))