13.02.2020, Conscious Club

In an era described as the Anthropocene, current generations seem to have lost touch with Nature. In this Conscious talk, I inspired attendants to look at Nature differently.

A practical approach that aims to change the current capitalist outlook on Nature is Rights of Nature. Nature has and is often regarded as property, an object for humans to exploit and use for profit. Rights of Nature aims to give Nature a voice in human courts of law, and recognizes its ancient natural rights to exist, thrive, maintain and regenerate their vital cycles. Human guardians defend Nature’s interests, and instead of talking about the mountain, we will be able talk directly to the mountain.

Besides the importance of the recognition of legal personhood of Nature, in this talk I discussed the philosophical underpinnings of this approach. Rights of Nature is an approach to live in Harmony with Nature and aims to inspire humans to recognise that we are part of Nature, and not separate from it. All life is deeply connected.

The recognition of Rights of Nature is often inspired by Indigenous people’s relationship with Nature. For example, the rights of the Whanganui river are inspired by the spiritual relationship of the Māori tribe with the river. The Rights of Nature enshrined in the Ecuadorian constitution are based on buen vivir, the alternative form to the (Western) idea of development.

I talked about how Rights of Nature have manifested in different legal systems around the world and how this practical approach can provide a tool to confront the biggest ecological challenges in this era.

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